Mobile Legends: Adventure

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From what is now a franchise comes Mobile Legends: Adventure, with a different take on the same universe. Mobile Legends: Adventure mobile game is based on the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, which is a well-known game to all MOBA mobile lovers. Contrary to its MOBA predecessor, Mobile Legends: Adventure is in an IDLE RPG hero collector genre and the transition is excellent.This game is licensed to use all the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang characters. The difference is that this time they come in a hero collector form, with incredibly cool visuals, models, and details. On Google Play, Mobile Legends: Adventure Android scored an impressive 4.7-star rating from over 20 thousand votes, which is incredible. On iTunes App Store, Mobile Legends: Adventure iOS has reached #177 in strategy and the game is still in its infancy to tell the scores, but it’s aiming for the top also.


Set in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MOBA universe, Adventure explores ancient eras of the Land of Dawn, how they call it. The game takes the player to the Origin Era, the Era of Gods, and the Era of Heroes. The history of the Land of Dawn has been forgotten, especially the battle between the light and the shadow, from which the mightiest heroes emerged. These heroes ushered the world into a new age, and this era is called the Era of Rebirth. It is your job as a player to find new heroes and defend this now new world from the forgotten threat.

Mobile Legends: Adventure gameplay

Similarly to its cousin AFK Arena, Mobile Legends: Adventure mobile game features an element of strategy, preparation, idle farming, and RPG. People who demand games that are IDLE will like its system. The RPG side of it is entirely done out of combat at the player’s convenience. Lastly, the number of systems and strategies you can use is limitless and gives this game an uncanny edge over similar titles.Because of its genre mix, mobile legends offers a distinct flavor of gameplay with engaging battles, whether you play IDLE of not. It also offers in-depth planning and strategy generation, and rewards those who are faithful to the game. It also offers unlockables and has a good rewarding system, and lastly its PVP multiplayer feature seals the deal.

Mobile Legends: Adventures Graphics and Appearance

All licensed heroes from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mobile MOBA are overhauled and look even better than their original versions. The detailing on their abilities, animations, and special skills is incredibly well done. This game caters to the need people have of collecting resources and it features several precious collectible currencies.


Mobile Legends: Adventures brings a unique blend of RPG, strategy, IDLE battle, and hero collector genres and ties it together in a visually impressive package. This game is the next stepping stone from AFK Arena as it has clearly upped the game and brought a higher standard to this genre blend. For all IDLE games lovers, this is a must try.


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