A GRAND Finale @ Domino’s Football Viewing Party! GRAND PIZZA, GRAND FOOTBALL!

In an epic culmination of what has been a month of speed, endurance and astounding skill on the football field, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia hosted an exclusive pizza party at Tropicana Golf and Country Resort for over 100 lucky viewers as football titans Germany and Argentina battled in the most viewed football event in the world.

Image taken from Domino's Pizza Malaysia website

Football fans at the viewing party consisted of the five 1st Runner Ups winners of the Domino’s Kickoff Online Contest, which went on from April 28 to June 1 earlier this year, and 20 of each winner’s closest friends and families. 

The party was dominated by jerseys of red, white and sky blue, not to mention a few diehard supporters of other countries, as eyes were transfixed onto the live broadcast of the nail-biting clash between the two giants (the love of my life against the team I've been supporting since I was a wee child.) of international football. 

The festivities kicked off at 11.00pm, with the match going on live at 3.00am.

[middle] Hasfahlinda Hassan, Senior Manager, Marketing Domino's Pizza Malaysia & Singapore, addressing guests in her welcome speech at Domino's Football Final Viewing Party.

Fans were treated to pizzas, perfectly complementing the pizza maker’s “More Pizza More Football” campaign

The atmosphere was one of excitement and merriment as the guests enjoyed the pizza makers’ offerings while hotly debating the outcome of the current match and the fall of favourite teams and players along the long four-year road that led to this point.

Fans at Domino's Football Final Viewing Party enjoying the pizza maker's offerings.

The finale captured all of the night’s hottest action as the German and Argentinean players dribbled, tackled, sprinted and played their hearts out for over 113 minutes of nail-biting moments and near misses, drawing cheers and shouts from their supporters right until the last second, when the final whistle blew and Germany emerged as Champions of the World, defeating Argentina 1-0.

Beanbags were specially prepared to cater to the viewers' comfort during Domino's Football Final Viewing Party.

Sze Leng Cheu, 26, one of the five 1st runner ups of Domino’s Kickoff Online Contest said at the viewing party, 
”This event was a great way for us to watch the beautiful game between the two great football nations but it also gave me a chance to bond with my family and friends. I also got the chance to make new friends who share the same passion as I do. It’s not often that I get a chance to watch a game with so many fellow fans! Overall, it was a great experience for me.”
 Fellow famous KL blogger Isaac Tan, 33, who has been looking forward to this great game since the announcement was made, said,
"Thanks to Domino's for giving me the opportunity to enjoy this unique experience. I am very attracted to the party atmosphere here, especially the 'Beanbag' chairs which were prepared for the comfort of the viewers."
Plenty of freebies were given away and football-related games such as the Human Foosball, Soccer Pong and Hit the Goalie were held as well. 

Fans at Domino's Football Final Viewing Party.
Everyone had a good time showing off their skills as they participated in the football-related games and activities.

Football fans also participated in Domino’s Instagram photo contest, dubbed ‘Bear-A-Selfie’, where they snapped selfies with their Popobe® Bola Bears and tagged #BolaBears

The winner walked home with an iPad Mini.

Hasfahlinda Hassan, Senior Marketing Manager of Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and Singapore, said, 
“Football is a game that brings Malaysians together. We are pleased to share our passion for the beautiful game with our customers at this uniquely Domino’s event in conjunction with the biggest football tournament in the world. The aim of this viewing party is to reward our loyal customers for their strong support of our ‘More Pizza, More Football’ campaign. It is also a way for us to connect with them at another level through the world’s most popular game. This has been an incredible football season for everyone, and we are glad to have been able to celebrate it with our fans.”
Everyone went home with a full bellied belching and had a great time going home with prizes! Everyone's a winner ;) 

Love, a loyal supporter of Domino's Pizza. 


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