random Genting.

Trip up to Genting last Friday on a visit to see Chris, i had a very bad hair day.

Darling got approached by a pimp when i left him just for a minute. 

I got hit on by some old fart when i was talking on the phone. Eww, old fat geezer.

Alan got greedy after winning 2 grand at the casino. He lost his winning after a while. Only manage to bring home RM100. 

Had to play along a fake birthday party and sang happy birthday song so the boys could get the girl's number at the other table . 

Saw a super cool auntie in her 50's smoking cigar and had so much energy to do a LIMBO a few times.

Funniest one was this uncle started to do warm ups at the club. Exercising. Dude, multiple times of doing push ups. 

What a Friday. 

toodles! xoxo


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