Monday, October 11, 2010

behind scene; camera-food-gaming.

i realized something i have not blog for the longest ; my modelling stuff. Most time i'll just upload the darn picture of me ( yeah,edited version~ ) and viola, the picture does the talking for me. 
so, my bad. writing isn't my greatest skill but i'll make up for my random laziness.

last Saturday, i was getting all dollied up for my photo-shoot with Patrick P from MM. 
Reached Crystal Crown Hotel, PJ around late afternoon and we ordered some light snacks because basically i was hungry ( as  usual ... ) . 

Here's couple of pictures of the room and yours truly, me ( i know you guys just love me). :P

P.S : be warned! most pictures are NOT EDITED! 
Reason? i got lazy to edit it. LOL.

what do you think ? pretty neat right?

here's the ugly true form of me; tadaaa....

i told cha. 

after the photo-shoot; i requested the photographer to drop me off at Pyramid Mall. While walking towards to Parkson to visit Aiko-chan. Some dude randomly came up to me and says; 'Excuse me, are  you from Hong Kong?'

I gave him a bitch-stare look and said ; 'NO'. and walked away.
In my head thinking; which part of me looks Hong-kie ?


at Parkson; Aiko wasn't there when i asked her superior where she was. Walking to the ATM machine, I bumped into Christ and Billy. We talked and the boys invited me along for movie at Time Square, watching a Cantonese movie. 

Wanna know the best part? Both Christ and I had to read the English subtitle. How miserably sad is that?
We had Teo-Chew porridge ( i think that's what it's called ) at Jalan Pudu. Having to withstand Billy annoyance through-out the whole time was a miracle. 

our little delicacy for porridge.

Billy and his Bruce Lee haircut looks.

i bet he feels the same thing like me.

After porridge, Billy wants to go to Asia Cafe for gaming session. So, Chris and I just tag along; i was pawned through out the DOTA game. 
Chris and i played L4D 2 while waiting for Billy to finished up his game..which seems forever because Chris and I finished the first map and Billy was still playing. 

I was happy when we got out from FTZ; look at Chris happy face below. It was time for FOOD! Had another round of supper and finally went home after waiting for another half hour. 


OH, here's one of the photo-shoot picture. 

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