Monday, November 16, 2009

my D&G and Cheras photoshoot.

this happens b4 i got my birthday gift from Lizzie ( i still <3 her gift more ). 


i was in a store.

i saw a bag.

it was black.

next thing i know.

i bought the bag.
after much consideration ( a week of consideration ). 

i <3 my bag.


my darling's place. 
(she's making me milo while talking on the phone).

<3 the colors.
(did i tell u that we painted dj ssense and dj mat darey nails with this?)

dont be suprised if u see ssense's pinky nail is bright pink.


matt's nail's is glossy. we just put top coat on it. 


last saturday was yet another photoshoot 

location : Cheras

i saw this cute st. bernard puppy at a pet store! it's damnn cute!!
after the shooting, we had a lunch break. yuum! salmon sushi!


what do u think of the sweater? its from Armani Exchange(its RM180 after 60% discount).


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