My 5 seconds fame.. and for the RIGHT reason. :D

Surprised and embarrassed to see myself on The Star paper on Thursday when i was just reading papers while sipping on a cup of coffee like other norm people do . Hey, i do read the newspapers mind you.

Shocked to see my hideous gigantic butt  ( yes, that was the first thing i see when i saw my own picture on the freaking national newspaper ) and my very 'not so sincere' "senyum-senyum kambing" smile. I smile a retard. I know that too.

Here's the link to the article. Never knew so many people like me. I always assumed people despise me for being too straight and "punch-it-to-your-face" sarcasm. 

If you ever meet me in person, i'm pretty lame and yes...very very VERY sarcastic.

Thank, Jude the link!

the last part about me, that is very TRUE. :D

Thursday July 12, 2012

Pauline Tan’s candid writing and love for entertainment has its rewards


HER love for writing made blogging a natural choice for 24-year-old Pauline Tan, a freelance blogger.
“I like blogging as my style of writing is kind of narcissistic and sarcastic. When I blog, I can be myself and write whatever I want. I don’t even need to say good things about products I don’t like, and I get paid doing it,” enthused Tan.
Tan’s blog,, is parked under the company “My blog mainly covers the music scene, but I also write about events, food reviews and night entertainment,” said Tan. She added that work is fun as she gets paid for partying.
Besides blogging, Tan is very passionate about photography. Coincidentally, her interest led her to model on a part-time basis.
“One day, I was taking photos of my friend when a photographer came up and asked if I was keen to be his model. That was how it started,” said Tan.
She finds modelling a delight as she enjoys sight-seeing and modelling brings her to many scenic and unique places. Tan also has plans to join a modelling agency.
Camera scenes aside, Tan loves to travel. So far, she has been to Switzerland, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.
“In August, I plan to go backpacking with my German friends. We’ll start from Singapore, and take a train all the way to Thailand while making stops at Johor Baru to enjoy the food there, and Malacca as well, as they’ve never been there,” Tan said.
Tan also loves food. “My favourite food is actually local food. I love to go to hawker stalls where you just sit on a stool and eat, and not worry about acting lady-like,” said Tan.


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