My thoughts on the coward act of BUTT EXERCISE group.

Recently, i was shocked to read such embarrassing news on the papers. A group of army veteran humiliating themselves and even better, putting Malaysia on World News all for the wrong reasons and always the embarrassing ones. 

For someone that age; WOW, MUKA TEBAL THOSE VETERANS! I won't be surprised if they were paid to do the 'BUTT EXERCISE' outside Ambiga house. After all, our law enforcement are famous for bribery/corruption. I would love to write in more but being a Malaysian, i might get kicked out from the country. 

Some idiots just don't understand what Bersih rally is all about. Google that shit out, please!

Infamous burger protest? That is total bullshit, how rempit-minded are those people ; no one stop you lads from closing that day business, plus the rally finishes at 4pm. Burger stalls opens like what, evening time?  Ouch, caught you there. Hey, like I it said before, it's likely to be paid by YOU-KNOW-WHO to cause more trouble to our beloved strong-will Ambiga. 
Here's the article that i read on the newspapers the other day.

Group performs ‘butt exercises’ in front of Ambiga’s home

KUALA LUMPUR: A group of army veterans literally turned their backs on Bersih co-chairman Datuk S. Ambiga and performed “butt exercises” in front her house in Bukit Damansara.
They held the bizarre protest in retaliation for her organising the Bersih 3.0 rally on April 28, which they claimed had given the country a bad name.
In the incident yesterday morning, about 15 ex-servicemen were seen stretching and shaking their buttocks in front of her house.
Ambiga later came out of her house and told them: “I'm happy you had a good exercise” and offered them isotonic drinks.
However, the group, led by Malay Armed Forces Veterans Associationpresident Mohd Ali Baharom, declined saying they were Malay Muslims and only drank warm water.
B-army show: A group of army veterans performing ‘butt exercises’ in front of Ambiga’s home in Bukit Damansara yesterday.
He went on to tell Ambiga that the ex-army veterans would take more action if she did anything to tarnish the country's good name and warned her not to bring anymore trouble to the country.
Mohd Ali later told reporters that he challenged Ambiga to take legal action against him and if she failed to do so, a bigger crowd would gather in front of her house.
When approached by reporters, Ambiga said she would let the public decide if what happened was an intimidation or a peaceful protest.
“My views are very clear. It is an invasion of privacy. Unfortunately, the Deputy Inspector-General of Police (Datuk Seri Khalid Abu Bakar) does not see any offence in gathering outside someone's house.
“To me, that is highly irresponsible because it will open the doors to allow people to gather outside anybody's house, including a minister's,” she said, describing the exercise as “crude”.
She said she had lodged a report on the incident and would leave it to the police to investigate the matter.
This is the second demonstration to be held in front of Ambiga's house after the “burger protest” staged on May 10 by traders who gave away free burgers.
They had claimed they were upset over their loss of income as a result of the Bersih 3.0 rally.
Ambiga said that after the “burger protest”, some people came by her house “day and night” to ask her for burgers.


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