Freebies anyone? What about the latest gadget from Samsung? Yeap peeps! The Samsung Galaxy Tab is out and it's free! How ? Just read on! 
This is open to all Malaysian bloggers. Not a blogger yet? Hurry up and be one now!

2. Do a Blog Post on “Why I Deserve To Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab” in the most creative manner.
3. Get as many people to comment relevantly on your blog post! For more traffic, you can share your post on Samsung Malaysia’s Facebook page.
4. Change your Facebook display picture to show your picture inside a Samsung Galaxy Tab! Download the template here.
Winners will be selected by Samsung Malaysia based on creativity and number of blog post comments.
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1.1 The Contest shall be held from 15th November till 05th December 2010 on Samsung Uni Facebook fan page and its related application pages.

1.2 The Contest ends on Sunday at 11.59pm.
1.3 Any entries received after 5th December 2010 (due to any reason howsoever and/or whatsoever arising) shall not be entertained and be disqualified.

2.1 The Contest is open to ALL Malaysian Bloggers.

2.2 Employees and immediate family members of the Organizer, their advertising agencies, affiliates, subsidiaries, agencies and suppliers are not eligible to participate in the Contest.
2.3 Contestants under the age of eighteen (18) must seek parental and/or guardian approval to participate. The Organizer will assume the Contestants under the age of eighteen had parental/guardian’s approval upon submission of any entry.

3.1 Contestants must become a fan of Samsung Univez fan page, i.e. “Like” fan page (

3.2 Contestants must change its Facebook display photo shot using the Samsung Galaxy Tab template of him/her self.
3.3 Contestants must do a Blogpost entitled *”Why Do I Deserve To Win A Samsung Galaxy Tab”* on his/her blog and post up the link on Samsung Univez Facebook fan page.
3.4 Contestants may send ONLY one entry.
3.5 Contestants MUST get as many people to comment on the blogpost by inviting friends to leave a comment related to the blogpost.

4.1 The Contestant must ensure that the Contest mechanics is adhere. Any incomplete, illegible or late entries shall be disqualified.

4.2 The organizer reserves the right to reject any blogpost and/or entry at its sole and absolute discretion without  having to assign any reasons whatsoever.
4.3 The Contestant can only send one entry throughout the entire Contest period. Each submission will be considered an independent individual entry itself.
4.4 Contest winner shall assist Samsung Univez in broadcasting the prize giving ceremony as well as the winning activities via channels chosen by the company.

5.1 Winner will be selected based on creativity and originality of blogpost, and high votes received through relevant comments left on blogposts shall be one of the criteria of selection. The organizer has the sole discretion in deciding the winning entry without having to assign any reasons whatsoever.

5.2 The selection is final and binding. No correspondences shall be entertained. Samsung Univez reserves the right to reject any registration and/or entry at its sole and absolute discretion without having to assign any reasons whatsoever.

6.1 Contest winner will be notified by any means adopted by the organizer, be it phone calls, email, via Facebook facilities or any other available means.

6.2 The organizer reserves the rights to use any other method or medium it deems fit at its sole and absolute discretion for the purpose of announcing the Contest winner.
6.3 Upon request, Contest winner will be required to give their contact details, copy of I.C. and any other details deemed necessary and relevant by the organizer at its discretion within forty eight (48) hours upon receiving the request/notification from the organizer. The organizer will assume the winner(s) are not interested in the winning for any uncollected prizes after 1 week of notification.
6.4 Proof of emailing, faxing, or delivering (in any manner whatsoever) any details to the organizer does not denote proof that the organizer has received such details.
6.5 The organizer reserves the rights to forfeit prizes for any Contest winner who does not provide the required details upon receiving the request/notification.
6.6 The organizer reserves the right to appoint a third party to conduct the verification of Contest winners and to fulfill the delivery of prizes and Contestants agree that the organizer may provide all necessary information of Contest winners to such third party to facilitate such service.

7.1 These will be the items to be won during the Contest period: Grand Prize X 1 unit of Samsung Galaxy Tab.

7.2 The organizer reserves the rights to change the prizes without any prior notification.
7.3 The Contest winner(s) shall be responsible for all costs in connections with perfecting his/her prize, including but not limited to legal cost, stamp duties, registration and transfer fees, taxes, insurance, spending money and related expenses (such as meals or personal expenses, upgrades etc.) or fees.
7.4 Prizes not claimed within one week upon request/notification shall be forfeited. Prizes are not exchangeable, transferable or redeemable in any other form for whatever reason. Contest winners are solely responsible for the collection of their own prize(s). The organizer and its agents, sponsors and representatives shall have no liability to the Contest winners in any respect whatsoever.
7.5 The organizer reserves the right to request written or any official proof of residency and of the age of any Contest winner before the prize is dispatched or collected.
7.6 The organizer makes no warranties or representations whatsoever with respect to the prizes and shall not be responsible nor liable for any problems and/or damage there to or arising there from.
7.7 Prizes must be claimed by the winning person unless advises and permitted by the organizer otherwise. Identification which includes a photograph will be required (examples include, but not limited to, identification card/drivers license/passport which displays a photographof the Contest winner, and can be taken as proof of residency).
7.8 In special situations, and subject to the absolute discretion of the organizer, a Contest winner may nominate a designated representative to collect a prize. The representative will be required to notify and gain permission from the organizer in advance, present written authorization from the Contest winner and present official identification which includes a photograph for both the Contest winner and their representative.
7.9 In the event that a Contest winner chooses not to accept a prize, they forfeit any and all claims to that prize, which will be dealt with according to the absolute discretion of the organizer.
7.10 All prizes are accepted entirely at the risk of the Contest winner, and the organizer excludes all warranties in connection with any prize to the extent permitted by law. Warranties shall be dealt with between the winner(s) and the original service warranty provider. Winners shall comply with the terms and conditions of each prize.
7.11 All brands, names and trademarks associated with or used to describe the prizes are owned by their respective owners. The Organizers are not related to or associated with these parties in any way.
7.12 The Organizers reserve the rights to forfeit the prizes if any Contest Winner fails to prove any of the above mentioned condition, and Samsung’s labels (if any such need arises) used to enter the Contest, and to disqualify the Contest Winner’s entry.

8.1 In the event the organizer do conduct a prize giving ceremony, the Contest winner are required to attend at his/her own cost and expense to collect the prize. In the event the Contest winner is not able to attend the prize giving ceremony, the Contest winner must nominate a representative to be present at the prize giving ceremony to accept the prize on his/her behalf. Any winners that are not presents without any notification to the organizer will be assumed that the prize(s) are not of interest to the winner.

9.1 The organizer reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to use the details collected, nicknames, names, photographs, voice or video recordings and entries of the Contest winner(s) and/or representatives without first obtaining any consent nor making any payment whatsoever to the Contest winner(s) and/or representatives for publicity, advertising, trade or promotion purposes in any media.

9.2 Participant releases any rights to any information and materials submitted or used in the contest to the organizer.

10.1 In addition to these Terms and Conditions, instructions and methods of participating in the Contest, as set out on otherwise, shall also bind all Contestants and their participation in the Contest.

10.2 In the event of any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and any terms contained in any promotional material for this Contest, the terms contained herein shall apply.
10.3 Failure to comply with the rules, regulations, instructions or methods will result in the Contestants being disqualified.
10.4 By participating in this Contest, the Contestant is taken to have read and agreed to the terms and conditions herein and shall adhere to all and/or any decisions made by the Organizer.
What are you waiting for? Join the Samsung Galaxy Tab blogging contest TODAY and stand a chance to win a Brand New Samsung Galaxy Tab! Good luck to all contestants.


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