Sunday, October 25, 2015

Did someone say DRESS?

If you are an avid online shopper, you'll know that you can hop on to Zalora.  Zalora has tons of variety of local and international designers, wide selection of different styles and budget to suit your needs. Not wasting any time further for today's share and care lesson from yours truly (ahemm, me of course), today's sharing is the 4 stylish dresses online (did i mentioned it also gives a flat stomach illusion? Yay!) 

With these dresses you don’t have to be surprise if people won’t stop commenting on your leaner silhouette!

That your-waist-is-so-little black dress!

No one can deny that the LBD is a wardrobe staple loved by fashion-conscious women. Having it in your wardrobe is important to make you feel more attractive than Angelina Jolie on the arm of Brad Pitt while wearing it. A mesh panel in the waist smooth out any visible muffin top, so you could spare yourself the effort to suck it in.
The have-you-been-working-out dress

This colour-block style dress melts away pounds – or maybe at least creates the illusion of it! The black band down the center widens just below your widest part that always make you feel insecure, yes I know, but it makes your hips look slimmer. On the other hand, the pale grey sides at the waist make your figure look as toned as if you have been going out to the gym.
The hey-were-you-an-extra-revenge dress

You can still look ready for business in this modern take on the classic sheath. The navy cap sleeves and slight peplum skirt actually act as counterpoints to the skinny belt in aqua, creates a subtle and captivating hourglass.
The camera-doesn’t-add-any-pounds dress

You will love this dress! The v-neck wrap style has long been a staple in women’s wardrobes. The three-quarter-length sleeves keep your arms from jiggling, its body-slimming cut makes you feel smaller and the jewel tones make your skin glow!
So wait no further and get one of these 4 fab dress design from Zalora! If you purchase via mobile app, you get RM20 off on your first app purchase!

Clothes... we, woman can never have enough of them. ;)
Okay, back to online shopping. TTYL!

Love, Pauline.

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