Friday, July 04, 2014


Since from a young spoiled little brat like we all are, we own a watch. May it be a drawn watch on your wrist or a plastic $10 Mickey Mouse kid's watch. I myself owned a few good watch ranging from dirt cheap plastic watch pasar malam to Bell&Ross and Breitling men's watch. Heck, I would sold my soul to the devil for a good watch (or bacon).

Class, today our lesson is about the timeless mechanical beauty called Watch

 Watches are a time telling instrument for us but it also indirectly shows your own personality. 

There are many types of watches for women in the market from the classic gold and silver metal plated strap, pattern watches and rubber strap. 

The women who love wearing the gold or silver metal plated strap watches definitely show off an elegant and sophisticated style.

It reveals a woman maturity and is very versatile to be worn with any outfit. The stainless steel watches are perfect for women to match it with a nice bodycon dress or a plain coloured blouse with jeans.

Meanwhile, for women who want a retro and creative style of watches, the pattern watches or wrap-band watches. The pattern watches will be tastefully beautiful matched with an evening gown or look trendy with a cropped blazer and bell bottom pants. 

However if you prefer to look casual, the wrap-band leather or beaded watches is suitable for a day out with the girlfriends. 

You can match it with a baggy tee or tank top and still look amazingly stunning with the fabulous wrap watch. This type of watch reveals a simple yet outgoing style of you in front of others.

The rubber silicon strap watches definitely shows the sporty and adventurous side of a woman

The simple and colorful design of the watch allows women to feel comfortable performing their sport activities. You can also wear them to the gym or out doing grocery shopping. 

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The silicon strap watches are less expensive and water resistant. 

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