Monday, June 16, 2014

Novus eTwig (Nicotine-free eCigarette)

Just got my free sample of Novus's eTwig today from Darren Lo and I have to say its not at all what I expected.

I had honestly thought it was a type of e-cigarette, but surprise! It's not. 
You dont light these, they don't produce any smoke and they are completely nicotine and tobacco free.

According to their website, eTwigs utilize the familiar hardware used for e-cigarettes, but replaces nicotine with it's all natural, healthy Botanic Boost™ formula. 

Darren gave me two different flavors, Gin and Citrus. 

Gin combines BotanicBoost™ natural organic formulation with natural Juniper to simulate Gin flavor.

Citrus combines BotanicBoost™ with hints of mandarin orange citrus flavor

Novus eTwig® provides a strong and intense throat hit but without nicotine. It is a healthy, non-nicotine alternative to e-cigs, providing Botanic Boost™ satisfaction in an electronic delivery device.  

eTwig can be used wherever e-cigs are used, and delivers a level of throat hit comparable to full strength e-cigs.

I have to admit they taste great, and the fact that I am still trying to quit smoking and haven't been finding much satisfaction with the e-cigarettes, 
just one little puff on these and I get that smoking satisfaction.  
I am looking forward to these actually being made available for purchase in local stores soon.



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