Wednesday, March 05, 2014


The long awaited acoustic album by Above & Beyond is finally here to bless our ears after being teased with videos of their performance in Porchester Hall which was recorded live (hint: click the PLAY button on the youtube video above). The trio; Paavo Siljamäki, Tony McGuinness, and Jono Grant all show their instrumental expertise, while joined by the vocalists Zoe Johnston, Annie Drury, Alex Vargas and also a 15 piece orchestral band.
I can admit without shame that I teared up in awe listening to the album, especially the vocals of Alex Vargas's breathtaking soul voice for 'Sun & Moon'. 

"We were in heaven you & I, When I lay with you & close my eyes, 
Our fingers touch the sky."

This album is a true piece of ART.  If there is one album you should get, I would surely to say this is the album for everyone, not some Justin Bieber or One Direction annoying pop-crap album.
Hell, I will even go a step further and call this the best acoustic album of 2014. 

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