Tuesday, July 16, 2013

like mother like son. nightmare of house #8 USJ2/2K

like mother like son.

a special post for Keneath ( douchebag name )

about 3 months ago,  I had a nightmare renting a house in USJ2. Ever wonder why those house agents will always rush up letting you view the place in about 15 minutes or less? I learned my lesson the hard way and word of advice; check the whole entirely even letting the water and electricity running for days if you have too, and be a real perfectionist to your landlord before paying a single cent for deposit.

hey asshole, karma's a bitch and it will BITE you back, and your mother is a real piece of work. Ops, I forgot. You were raised by such a lying cunt.

honestly, you couldn't even provide basic necessity for your tenant, FYI i mean by security. What a way to cheat people's money to fix your own place and accusing someone who has yet to stay a night ruining your floor? My goodness gracious me, I pray for your next tenant's safety and sanity.

yours truly, your victim of house-scam renting.

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