Thursday, July 04, 2013

the last of who?

almost 2 months without home internet was a real pain in the arse 
(for those who understand that feeling, you know what i mean).

as everyone knows, Sony is launching Playstation 4 on November in the states.. so that means I have to wait  till December to get my hands on it. currently I'm not so hardcore glued to any of my PS3 games but I finally got my dirty little hands on Naughty Dog's much awaited game 'The Last Of Us'.

Metacritic score for The Last of Us :


steel case edition with premium DLC ~ *maniacal laugh*

the game is for sure challenging. requires a good patience (and stealth) as checkpoints isn't always your auto-saved 
(says the person who has yet to reach even halfway into the game).  :P

so if you're a Survival Action type of gamer, please do make your way to the nearest game store (or you can always pester your friend who have it to loan you) and get your hands on this baby as it will not disappoint you. :)

going to continue the game soon. 
my PS3 overheat i think. /:

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