Thursday, February 28, 2013

MUST HAVE : Dazzling Couture

Has anyone heard of Dazzling Couture before?


Maybe some of you didn't know it exist ( just like me *points herself* ) , it's a pretty cool website selling inspired design accessories. We're talking about ASOS / TOPSHOP inspired accessories! Lately I've been pretty hooked purchasing many things online. 


Life of a miserable online woman who loves staying indoor. I'm a bat.

Price? Affordable! Price starts from RM2.90! Lowest price guaranteed! No kidding!

This ASOS Key Lock Ear Cuff is only RM4.90!

Delivery? The very next day once your pre-order payment is verified! 
You can also choose to pick up from their store @ C-5-10, level 7, Menara 
Uncang Emas, 56100 Kuala Lumpur ( Viva Home Shopping Mall ) 

Awesome possum isn't it? Okay, I'm going to continue shopping online. :)

Alexander McQueen inspired, anyone?


I know, another random shit again.

Owwhh! Before I forget, LIKE their FB page for more updates and you may even get free gifts from them! :)

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