Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy New Year

Did another mani pedi session with nail art at Emily's again 
before Chinese New Year. 
I like my birds.

Waiting for Bobby to pick me up from home.

Had a shoot with Bobby Fuego last week. Young lad from Kluang. Didn't know he was just staying somewhere close to my place.

Oh, wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year. Hope everyone had a happy family and relative reunion on such joyous day.

I have not been celebrating Chinese New Year for the past 3 years. This year, I head back to hometown on eve of CNY for reunion dinner just be fucked at.
It was a real heartache being screamed and yelled at by the person who literately brought you up ever since you were 5 years old when your parents decided to neglect their responsibility. 

Happy family? Nope.

Main reason why I don't celebrate Chinese New Year for the past years. 

Happy Chinese New Year. :)

I'll still smile, silly. :)

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