Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Swedish Mafia House : SHM's One Last Tour, Kuala Lumpur.

First RAVE party of the year. If you called it a RAVE that is.

As everyone in Kuala Lumpur knows, Swedish House Mafia came down to KL as a part of their One Last Tour. Bla bla bla.. No, I was not given any special invites for VIP tickets from any organizers instead I partied with my friends like every other norm people. :)

It was raining, more like drizzling to me the whole night. 

My day started out early, had a 3pm appointment at Strips for Brazilian wax. How was the sensation? Awesome. Ofcourse it hurts, dumbass. Geez. 

Was very tempted to eat the chocolate wax tho... Doris drops by early after my waxing and we did a little shopping while Mister Tigger checked in the hotel with Sim and Mike. Doris got herself a pair of new heels AUTOMATICALLY after i dragged her into ALDO store and both of us got ourselves a corset each.

This was 1 day earlier damage. There was sales.
I am a woman, I could not resist the temptation.

Left Pyramid about 4.45pm and speed our way to TTDI picking up Chloe. Got back about 6pm to Pyramid while Charis, Mel and Angeline meet up with us at the hotel. Mister Tigger tapao-ed Ninja Joe! Shurikens! Asides being a game + beer whore, I'm a big whore for Ninja Joe. 

like my new corset?

Daniel the awesome rave kaki and Mister "I'm so cool" Cage.

The cousins

SHM ended about 12am. Almost sprained my ankle walking up the steps, Daniel saved me before i could roll down like a bowling ball knocking everyone like bowling pins. I can actually imagine myself rolling knocking everyone.... *thinks*. Okay. 
Back to the hotel, bumped into Michelle and Brian. Reena jumped on me and had me carrying her with my heels. I'm so lucky I was even drunk at all or else... well, you know how embarrassing it would be.
That's it for now, next : We Love Asia , Sepang.  

Out of curiosity, 
how much were the trio paid to raise our Malaysian flag?

-Pictures were collage and edited using Fotorus. 

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