Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How she start her 2013 in Singapore - Part One : Mink Club, Singapore

It's already year 2013 and we're still alive. 

Great, that was lame. Sorry, I'm still a 'little' upset over my request was denied as I was not given a reason why but i could figured out why. 

Yeah, i forgot how social media works these days.

I live by my daily mantra;  don't care, don't know, don't wanna know

I know that's probably selfish of me to say so but isn't everyone a hypocrite end of the day? Correct me if I am wrong.

Starting out my year 2013, went down to SG for my confirmed shoots which I was later FKK-ed 1 day before ( make that 3 shoots ). Confirmed paid shoots. Maybe I should start charging deposit since some of these arse thinks it's funny bailing out at the very end when someone has arrived town.

Well, i guess some people do exist.

Stayed at Derek& Jun's place when I was down SG in Bedok. Nice place and it wasn't far from the airport. 

Hang out with Derek the very first night at Mink

It's said to be a posh club, so to be said la..

All I see were groups of girl's which is so obvious were freeloaders. One group of girl's came to our table and poured themselves our single malt from a full bottle to quarter left, I could sniffed them out the moment I saw them. Derek was being Mister Nice Guy as usual due to the girl's were his friend's punya friend's friend and we were sharing table.. plus the fact we did not know there's the guest-list a.k.a freeloaders tables punya side. 

Lesson learned. Derek and I chilled by the bar after and while I was away ( when a girl gotta go, she gotta go ) , Derek opened champagne and first word came out from my mouth was " !@#$^^%@, you opened what?!! "

We cheers the night celebrating our 6th year anniversary and counting. Don't get it wrong, what I meant was our friendship for 6 years.

2 champagnes, 1 single malt, a tray of tequila shots, 3 vodka cranberries ( it was ladies night, i got these for free ) and a flame lambo.

messing with my Tadaa 's apps filter.

Push aside the young freeloaders and youngster, Mink's resident DJ can really drop wicked tracks.  That's a positive plus point for Mink ( my review only okay... )

Die hard supporters of Mink Club, please don't hate me because you know I am telling the truth. Head over to inner table ( so called VIP ) behind the DJ console and see for yourself. ;)

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