Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bloggerton @ The E - Library, SS2 Mall

When one thinks of gastropubs, The Library is a place that comes to mind immediately. Having revolutionized the way we drink, eat and chill, The Library is now synonymous with nice wind-down venues, live band performances, game nights, talent competitions and more. 

Through its winning combination of quality food, drinks, music and friends, The Library concept has grown rapidly in popularity and following. It is truly a success story that has spun many copycats and created a whole new demand for the trendy pub.

Nevertheless, The Library is always one step ahead. 

Always innovating, always fresh and most importantly, always relevant. Which brings us to the latest The e-Library in town......

The e-Library at SSTwo Mall.

This first e-Library is set to explode the chillax scene in Petaling Jaya and is the 10th Library to open in just three years! 

But what is an e-Library though? 

E for electronic. 

E for entertainment. 

E for excitement

This new Library at SSTwo Mall sees an evolution of the brand and carries an electronic theme – the first of its kind among all The Libraries. 

It has an entertainment zone decked out with a gaming area equipped with cool Xbox Kinect, Daytona and touch screen games, a pool table as well as a i-darts section. For those who loves to sing your eyes and heart out, there’s also karaoke rooms where you can sing your hearts out till your throat hurts. 

There’s really something for everyone at The Library at SSTwo Mall. :)

So, if you're ever in SS2 area or just looking for a nice place to chill with friends around Petaling Jaya, head over to The e-Library @ SS2 mall. ;)

It's worth the pennies and most important of all, having a good time with friends. :)

The recent Bloggerton event with Advertlets which took place at e-Library was all about having a good time and fun with everyone around. Bloggers divided into groups and took up the challenge of scoring the most points in darts, pool and Daytona. Never thought I would won 3rd prize in their mini contest, the winning bloggers walk home happily with cash vouchers as well as tickets to big-butt J.Lo's concert in KL.

My teammate smiling all the way receiving our prize.
Look at that SMILING face. :P

Note: Apologize for the bad picture of le naked face. Was not in the mood to doll myself up. Was a little under the weather from bad sore-throat.

Picture courtesy of Jaz Khai and Kelvin Sing for Advertlets and The e-Library.

The e-Library Facebook : 
( cash voucher awaits! )

Address: Lower Ground, SS Two Mall, 40, Jalan SS2/72Petaling JayaMY.
Phone  :011 - 1563 6691 / 03 - 7957 6612

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