Saturday, November 17, 2012

Unicorns, Miley, Pornstar, Borgore, and Cake.

We witness today (or at least on this post right now) the inevitable mass foray of popstars into EDM; citizens, please evacuate to your bomb shelters in an orderly fashion.
Not long after Bieberstep invaded our airwaves (as well as our brainwaves), the next starlet to wub-wub her way into our heads is none other than Hannah Montana herself, in her official video with gorestep founder Asaf ‘Borgore’ Borger.
‘Decisions’, featuring the platinum-shag Miley being covered in cake as she dances with a unicorn (now revealed as none other than Thor’s little brother, Liam Hemsworth – start screaming ‘Oh Loki! WHY!’) while singing to the rappings of  producer and vocalist, DJ Borgore.

Famed as the ‘man-who-ruined-dubstep’ raps about choosing between a family or a porn star (Borgore’s ex-girlfriend and ‘adult film’ star, Jamie Andrews is also in the video, by the way), the video keeps on garnering views on YouTube (1mil, if you’re keeping track), probably lending the rising Tel Aviv-based DJ the bass music throne of the week. And if you were sharp, you would’ve noticed Steve Aoki was spotted somewhere in the video. Now go watch it all over again!
With that in mind, the whole chorus of Miley and Borgore’s “I wanna eat the whole cake, I’m not sharin’, I’m not sharin’, you should’ve learned how to bake…” (repeat non-stop) will now stick in your head worse than icing stains on your tee.
Okay, now we’re hungry. Maybe there’s some pandan cake leftover in our pantry?

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