Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SKYFALL with Josh & AdvertLets


I would possibly say a 7/10 ? I am never a fan of Daniel Craig. NEVER.  I was more into Pierce Brosnan more than Daniel Craig. Okay, skip that.

SKYFALL would be highly recommended to watch if you're a newbie fan of Bond. James Bond. SKYFALL is the reboot of 007 espionage. I wouldn't want to spoil much about the movie but i can say it's worth your MONEYPENNY. I myself already watch the movie TWICE.

Free movie tickets. Fancy one for yourself? :)

Thanks to Josh Lim from AdvertLets for inviting the LOUD beingpauline to the screening of SKYFALL at Cathay Cineleisure, e@curve. 

Love them or hate them. They're still making more money than you ;)

I was fascinated with the villain more than 007.

Adele's 'SKYFALL' ( intro music for the movie ) is hauntingly beautiful and oh yes, I even had my mani&pedi color done with Skyfall series. 

O.P.I Skyfall series : Your Majesty Secret Service . 
Awesome grey glittering color. 

Hah, another random shit again.

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