Monday, October 29, 2012


Bikini’s, Monokini’s, Bandeau Bikini, French bikini’s, Dissolvement bikinis, burqakinis, push up bikinis, halter bikinis, etc and the list goes on.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

A hot girl in bikinis on the beach for the guy’s as usual.
Baywatch? Nah.
Miranda Kerr? Yes.
VS Angels & Sports Illustrated models in bikinis? HOLY YES SIR!

Unless you people have been watching too much Borat many times...and that i will understand. *whistle*

Seriously, I love bikinis. Who doesn’t? but…
There's always a but in everything and BIKINI seems to be a problem for me.
You see, a girl like my size it’s almost impossible to find the RIGHT bikini.
A real trouble, I tell you.
I believe many girls out there experiencing the same annoyance as I face in finding the RIGHT bikini for them.  
Can you imagine how I used to browse thru Ebay and swimsuit blog-shops looking at bikinis and measuring whether it is possible to fit me AND looking good?
Don’t get me started on shopping malls. Even if it’s a free-size, I couldn't fit. Believe me, with my huge ass, I know.
Until one day…

Facebook. It links anyone and everyone together with the least expectation. In less than the usual 6 degrees of separation, that's how yours truly meets Sherry Segovia, the lady behind SEGOVIA.

As she quoted on her site; 
My passion for wanting to design clothes comes from my admiration of the uniqueness of the human form. During my travels I have had the privilege of meeting many different people from all walks of life and getting to understand what makes them feel comfortable and confident in expressing their personality based on what they wear.
It inspires me to create something that would be able to reveal individuality without sacrificing comfort and still exude confidence.

I do believe that clothing is one of the best ways that everyone gets to express the kind of character which marks them as an individual.

A passionate woman is always the most beautiful, won't you agree? Hailing from the land of the Philippines, I have so much high respect for this doll.

SEGOVIA might be new as they have just launched early this year but knowing what every girl’s want - whether bikinis or dresses, SEGOVIA gives the 100% of their best. Hard work pays off, SEGOVIA is part sponsor for Miss Bikini International Singapore 2012, stamping their mark for world dominance.

Hey, have I mentioned the piece I'm wearing is from SEGOVIA? ;)
SEGOVIA does have a good range of bikinis for the curvy ladies!
Yours truly is one of them and she’s wearing SEGOVIA piece comfortably, and looking fabulous. ;)

Do check out SEGOVIA website, and while you’re at it, link it to FB and LIKE !
AND THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTORIAL, but my genuine recommendation =)

Have a great Monday!

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