Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rants : To the new place!

Finally back to gym after putting it on hold for almost 3++ years ( holy shit, it's been that long ) . Got my ass kicked by a 50 years old auntie on treadmill, just happened yesterday. Super fit woman with biceps. Feeling depressed i sulked away alone hiding at the corner. #truestory

Almost 2 forsaken years living at Flora Damansara, i am finally moving out from that god forsaken infested with rude Nigerians. Okay, so far i have met 1 Nigerian guy who is decent and doesn't do those 'HI, CAN BE FRIEND?' 'HELLO BEAUTIFUL' shitty pick up lines. Dude, are you FUCKING BLIND? I know how I look like without makeup, mind you i do not put on make up to sleep either. I am not being a racist but the Nigerians staying around my previous home was filled with these scums who hits on every pussy they see. So.... ADIOS, FLORA DAMANSARA!

It's been awhile since i last update about Chance, my little copper prince. Remembering the times where i could just carry him in my arms like a baby.  He's such a big boy now. *tears*

Chance is growing bigger and healthier now, he weights about 18kg. For the past 7 months, he has been my world. Although the little abomination of mine had destroyed 50% of my stuff in the apartment, he seemed to behave at the new place. Old bolster and my slipper....and my commando flats were the only things destroyed so far at this new place I'm staying now. I have never seen him so happy running and skipping around like a real SOHAI as he was always been a prisoner at home when i was still staying in that forsaken apartment. Sorry baby. :(

Moving out day!

My little prince thinks i'm sending him away. 
Poor baby giving his sad looking face.

Spacious big garden...Okay, i agree to stay here. Let's shake paws. :D

Oh yes, he has a lion tail now. Had to shave off some of his coat from his tail. He looks funny yet cute with his new tail-do but i think he can live off with it. His cute half naked tail. Most owner would cry having their beloved pet tail's coat shaved off but i seemed to be laughing about it. Nothing to be embarrassed, Chance! *laugh*

His napping time

My copper prince

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