Friday, September 07, 2012

Libresse Barometer - What's Your Mood?

It's almost that time of the month of tossing and grumpiness. Girls, you know what I'm talking about. Boys, go away. This topic is strictly for girls and yeah, it's period topic. Now, bugger off.

Let me introduce Librese Barometer, it's an application on Facebook.

What is Libresse Barometer?

Libresse Barometer is an Online/Facebook Utility to express feelings, mood and opinion.It's also a unique and differentiated platform for youth to converse, share and express; just like updating Twitter/Facebook status!

It looks like this ( just to be safe ) ;


after reading the BLABLABLA terms&condition 

( which most of us skip reading )

it goes to this;

How does it works? 

Step 1 :
Select an emoticon that best represents how you feel about this week’s topic.
Step 2 :
Type in how you feel in relation to the question displayed.
Step 3 :
Record Voice and select an effect you would like to have applied to it.

I love giving bored faces and giving boring thoughts... hey, did you know you can record your voice in annoying tone with the Libresse Barometer application too? 
Do take note there's a weekly topic! There's 3 questions of the week for every topic.

Questions of the day will be posted up 
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

You'll just need to click on Libresse Barometer apps to answer these questions.You can answer any 'Question Of The Day'  during that week as long as it is still in the same topic!

Question will be something like this on
Libresse Malaysia fanpage on Facebook!

Do you like surprises? Everyone loves SURPRISES! ( CONFESSION: Freebie Junkie here. ) If you do, don’t waste time and just join Libresse Malaysia and answer the question and there will be little surprises awaits you if your answer is quirky enough to catch our attention. ;)

Have fun!

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