Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ACPURIS - Yay or Nayy?

Has anyone heard of ACPURIS before ? 
Anyone tried this product yet? 
Anyone planning to try this product but afraid it might not be the right facial product for your skin? 

If NO is your answer. Fret not, yours truly is your guinea pig of the month to try the products (as shown picture below). 

Just received the Mediway Korea products from a friend of mine. Yes, i am testing the products personally to see IF my trouble bad skin can tolerate the products. For those who doesn't know me, I do have MAJOR bad skin + sensitive skin over the past few years after i dumped my ass living in Subang. 

No, i do not have flawless skin like those commercial ads. 

Yes, iPhone's applications and instagram-ming shit manage to cover my bad blemish popping out like daisies + oily + dry + sensitive skin. 

It's only Day #1 : I'm feeling very... well, my face feels super oily as i'm writing. I did some internet research regards to the ingredient of the product. Seems like it keeps the skin without irritation and side effects due to it's natural extracts (doesn't all facial product brand says the same thing? #justsaying). It said that the improvement effect is shown within 2-3 weeks time... I guess we would see to that in 1-2 weeks time about it.

Let's wait for the results on my next post about ACPURIS. Behold, you will see my fugly face in a week time.

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