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DiamondFangs from Immortal Tattoos

Been away so long no one notice i was away. 
Singapore trip was okay but as a mother to an abomination devil child, I do miss my son a lot.

Skip the blabbering as usual.. Gosh, i blab too much.

Recently i just did my 3rd inking , just under my breast.

Painful? Not really when  your tattoo artist puts on The Dictator movie starring Sasha 'Bruno/Borat' Baron Cohen. Try to laugh while getting inked. 

Before getting my inking done by Kugan, guess who growls and greets me? This cute FAT LITTLE BUGGER.

Introducing my Tattoo Artist from Singapore; Kugan. Better known for his nickname: Kugan DiamondFangs from Immortal Tattoos.

Brief introduction about this lad who going to give me more pain in the future;

Born in April 27th 1981, Kugan, took on the name of Diamond Fangs in early 90s, focusing on his love for Vampyrism and its culture. 

Being active in the Vampyric lifestyle for almost 17yrs, he decided to lay low for the benefits of many, keeping his lifestyle away from society.

Diamond Fangs was introduced to the world of Tattoo Artistry in 2005 by his mentor, Carlston, where they met when Diamond Fangs got his first tattoo done in 2004. After going through a year of honorouble apprenticeship - He began his new Life.

Being in the industry for 6 yrs and going, Diamond Fangs have pushed himself further than anyone could have imagined. Appearing in the local media a couple of times and having interviewed live on National TV, Diamond Fangs, became the first Tattoo Icon in the Indian society in Singapore.

In June 2006, he opened up his own studio - Immortal Tattoos located at Little India Arcade, Singapore. 

In 2007, he got his traditional hand-tapped tattoo of the Bunga Terung, also known as the Borneo Rose, on his fist, by the Borneo HeadHunters in Sarawak. From then on, his whole new Journey started, alongside with his love for photography. Later part of 2007/2008, he traveled to Van Diemen's Land, Tasmania.( Australia ) to tattoo on his clients which gave him a wider scope of recognition.

In 2008, he held his own tattoo exhibition in a local club that went on for a month. He also made his unofficial debut, collaborating with his mentor, inking on the same skin. In the same year, Diamond Fangs, also re-created vineworks, which are now widely "copied" by many.

In 2009, Diamond Fangs traveled Melbourne, Australia, to ink more clients and to became the first Indian, from Singapore, to do body suspensions with the Hanged Man Team.

From early 2008 to late 2009, Diamond Fangs has been working on re-creating more defined Vineworks, Blackworks and Dotworks which not many Tattoo Artist do in his homeland. He went a step further, by being the first to Ink models, Shoot and create the images as an Artpiece. In 2009, the artworks created by Diamond Fangs were on Absinthe Garden - Goth Art Exhibit in Singapore, held by Singapore Dark Alternative Movement (SDAM).

In 2010, Diamond Fangs hit rock bottom with his addiction to alcohol which was a career suicide. He stopped doing everything he used to do and on Halloween 2010, he decided to kill his alter-ego, Diamond Fangs. 
Going through massive depression, he wanted to live life without the glitz and glamour. On the verge of giving up his love for Art, thanks to his family, friends and mentor, he did his first tattoo event, under the name of Kugan, to collaborate with his mentor, Carlston - Officially in December 2010 - Lewd, Screwed and Tattooed.

Kugan has been haunted by his alter-ego Diamond Fangs since Halloween 2010. A struggle which he has been fighting to keep the demons at bay.
In April 27 2011, on the day of his birthday, was the day he managed to strive back to the top of the mountain again. A turning point where even he did not call for - The Rebirth of, Diamond Fangs.

Being back again in the Tattoo Artistry, Diamond Fangs has been working harder than before, creating Tattoo works that many thought would die off. He proved that he has lost nothing, but only to gain everything.

Kugan's work can be seen on his Facebook and also he BLOGS too! Yes, a tattoo artist who blogs. What? Never seen one before?  Kugan's diaries, he does have a touch in blogging if you ask me. ;)  ;

Do check out his other diary called Absinthe Diaries ;

Currently he's having a promo time. So check out his website and do pay him a visit if you would like to get your tattoo done by Kugan. Highly recommended. ;)

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