Sunday, May 13, 2012

Doll Personality

Can't really think what to blog nowadays. Again. Besides being shut away from others which it seems pretty norm to me anyway since everyone i know is just turning more and more to a doll ( as in FAKE ) personality. Well, not my lost for starts. Seriously i would say GOOD and KUDOS for you cause end of the day, it's them going to bed and waking up how miserable their life is having to be someone else.

Currently I'm blogging from the Curve mall, Damansara. Bad timing coming here since there's a fashion show going on now and i just spot some random bitch dressing up all Audrey Hepburn giving me cock-a-doodle stare. Maybe i know her? As my memory serves me, she doesn't look familiar to me. So what the heck right?

Mum's asking me to get flight tickets again. I really don't know what she really wants for me as much i adore her to bits and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all mums around the world. 

GAWD, what an awesome song they're playing for the fashion show.

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