Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cultural Limbo

Young Germany-based fashion designer Rayan Odyll is having a love affair with multi-tone prints for spring 2012. Finding their way onto luxe silks, these prints were “developed from abstracted childhood memories, floral motifs and Polkadots” resulting in an exotic mix that warrants the collection’s title: Cultural Limbo. Odyll’s peplumed, waist-accenting shapes have a certain femininity, while his accessories add their own exotic whimsy to the mix.Removable collars – also in unique prints – silk turbans and crystal jewellery, created in collaboration with “Seelenstück” by Lisa Eppel, are all in harmony with and yet vying for attention away from the eye-catching clothes.Mohamed Gaff beautifully photographed Odyll’s look book, each shot set against a backdrop of clashing prints in complimentary colours.


Cultural Limbo spring / summer 2012 
by Rayan Odyll

Photographed by Mo Gaff 

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