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8 styles of shoes to make a statement out of summer

It’s one of many ‘numbers’ you never want to share with the world. 

It’s considered socially unacceptable to discuss many such numbers, and the latter in is included amongst them as a girl can never have enough shoes in her closet by to publicize a number is to appear gauche.Each season, we see styles change, heels evolve and the color palette go wild. 
However, this summer, the perfect ‘in fashion’ shoes are not defined by the length of the heel or the type of shoe, but more about how each pair is fabricated and embellished.
Shoes that are making a girl’s heart pump this season are already buzzing on the windowsills of various stores. 
But we’ve taken the stress off your next laborious shoe-shopping trip by narrowing down eight shoe styles that are a creating a name for themselves this spring / summer 2012.
If you’re a woman, you have no reasons to not continue reading after the jump. Chances are, you’ll love us a fraction more by the time you reach the bottom of this post.

Perspex heel

It’s the shoe that reveals all, and what better season for it than summer? The perspex / clear heel shoe is one of the boldest, most telltale shoe styles this season (make sure you book in for a pedicure). No secrets here, as a panel of plastic-type transparent material settles around the toes or stands tall as the heel. This almost-invisible footwear gives an alternative edge to an outfit, especially when styled with leg-baring trends of the season.
Must have :
Gold spiking hidden in the perspex heel makes the above Donna Karan sandals a must-have for the season.

Wrapped up

Ornamenting an above-the-knee dress, the ankle-hugging footwear promises to add a sensual twist to the leg show. Adding sex appeal to an outfit, this style of shoe wraps around the ankle, but not in a winter ankle-boots manner. It’s a summer style that provides extensive support to the feet. The ankle can be dressed up in various forms such as, an ankle strap, crossover paneling or laced up gladiatorial-style.
Must have:
Reed Krakoff’s wedge sandals; they’re deceiving, yet full of character.

Metal toe cap

Not only would it make you feel like Kate Moss upon Louis Vuitton’s carousel-themed spring / summer 2012 show, but a metal toe capped shoe has the potential of adding a futuristic tone to an ensemble. It’s a subdued take on the metallic trend for spring, but done in clever and sleek style. Mostly seen on a pointed-toe, pump style shoe, the metal cap has a chic sheen that definitely preps up a boring court shoe.
Must have:
Invest in a flapper-style, satin Yves Saint Laurent pumps, or opt for classic black and metal piece from ASOS.

Neon hues

Without blinding anyone or feeling as though you’re in a laser show, the electric colours are on high-rotation this season. If not through clothes, at least inject these bright shades via shoes into your wardrobe. The high-voltage florescent colours to look out for are yellow, pink, green and orange. In need of happy feet, anyone?
Must have:
Fun neon colour-blocked Giuseppe Zanotti shoes would make a statement bold enough for the summer months. While Brian Atwood pumps break all traditional rules.

What’s a summer without an overused passport? Channel your modern nomad by adding textured and printed tribal shoes to your wardrobe. The tribal trend comprises of a rich, earthy colour palette and intricate African-inspired detailing, however, with shoes, it’s usually translated into being more geometrical and directional. Team tribal-inspired shoes with low-key clothes, as this would highlight the wild accessory sitting pretty on your feet.
Must have:
Carven’s Aztec-inspired tribal wedges and Burberry Prorsum’s woven and printed wedges

Flower power

Why limit this predictable spring / summer print to the clothes, when you can dress your feet with fresh blooms and petals? This shoe has the power to be tagged as the go-to accessory for this season, as it incapable of disappointing you with its ability to flower over your attire.
Must have:
Monochromatic sandals by Jimmy Choo with an oversized red rose would also ignite the spring fire on your feet.

White shoes

The colour white owes a lot to the summer season, as it’s the heat that essentially brings out the cooling element of the shade. This season, as with all others before it, the colour is working itself through wardrobes, making white shoes one of the statements of spring / summer 2012. If you’re going to give the alabaster-tone shoes a go this season, make sure you pay extra attention to the material you’re investing in; leather or snakeskin are most durable options.
Must have:
Metal-studded flats by Kg by Kurt Geiger are perfect, casual way to style a pair of straight-legged pants.

Pencil heels

Contrary to the chunky variety, the pencil heels are self-explanatory in many ways. It’s emerged out of the classroom and into the shoe closet with its sky-high length and sexy silhouette. The pencil heel is mostly a shiny metal, giving you leeway to pick the colours and style for the rest of the shoe. From ankle-strap sandals to spring boots, a pencil heel would punk up any shoe style.This unconventional heel instantly updates your wardrobe to being more modern and sharp. This heel means business and if that’s what your spring wardrobe is aiming towards go crazy with this shoe style.
Must have:
Sex, fetishism and glamour, that’s the message these River Island ankle boots are sending across. Kurt Geiger peep-toe mules in patent leather are another kind that would add flair to a spring outfit.

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