Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sand On Our Skin

Take a five-year-old to the beach, ask her to jump into the water and she’d be out of her frock and in the ocean within seconds – with or without her swimsuit.

Ask an adult woman to do the same, and hesitation is bound to ensue.

As you see your body mature, being whole-heartedly comfortable and confident in your own skin almost seems a challenge, if not an impossible quest, but when photographer Marijo Cobretti took his camera to shoot model Diana Bouchardet on the beaches of South of France, terms such as ‘discomfort’ and ‘awkward’ were banished from the vocabulary, however temporary the action may be. The black and white editorial with clear water and untouched sand as a backdrop would make you want to hum an innocent lullaby, but it’s quite the contrary when you see the ambiguity in the shots.

The lack of clothing and particular stances may propose traces of pornographic photography, but is it really so? She seems rather innocent who possesses an intriguing mind of a young adult; she’s curious of her sexual capabilities and is willing to experiment with her body. Pornographic is far from truth, but innocent it sure is; and to prove that are the strategic tan lines, carelessly tangled hair and the fedora hat.

Only someone growing out of their childish self would let sand stick on their damn skin. Isn’t that so?

Sand On Our Skin 
Photographer: Marijo Cobretti ( 
Model: Diana Bouchardet (Urban Model Management) 
Shot on location in the South of France

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