Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chance; the little prince who lives on

I's been a week since Chance came into our life. Formerly known as Red, our Siberian Husky pup that we babysit and nursing now. What's special about this pup? It's not the typical i want to show off to my friend's showdog.

Chance is a tough little strong-will puppy surviving from a massive attack on his collarbone from an Alpha female which leaves him half paralyze now. It wasn't the first attack he was bitten. The first time i met this little pup, he was a really good puppy that would hide because of his first bite which left him really scared of the other dogs and some of us. 

We re-named him Chnce was he was given 2nd chance by God.

This picture was taken before he got his 2nd attack which left him half paralyze
I offered to help my friend who breeds Siberian Husky, he allowed Kevin and I to nurse Chance. It's not easy taking care of him the first few nights. The pup almost drives us crazy at times with his yelps and cries as we don't know what he wants. Even my princess feel a little left out ( due to paying attention more on Chance ). 

his little diaper
Chance beautiful eyes.

1st day, he peep-ed on me. Almost did his business on me when we got home but he was a good boy and cries for us when he does it.
laying on the grass
2nd day he could move around and move around, he even tried to stood up..which didn't last long as his muscles are still weak. We're planning to bring him to the acupuncture doctor to see if the doctor could do some acupressure on his little legs nerve spots. We massage his little paw and legs so it won't be stiff.

By the 3rd day, he managed to open his own baby diapers by his own when Kevin and I were asleep. He could even say 'I Love You' to us which gave us so much surprised and delight. Chance would lick our lips when we hold him on our arms.
sleeping on Kevin's lap.
4th day was really ridiculous, i woke up in the morning to check on him and giving his medication for his nerves. He was biting socks and my hair. Medication? He would spit out the tablet when we're not looking which we have to outsmart him by mixing it with his food. He takes my fingers as chew toys at times. Toilet trained himself on the pee-mat we bought from Daiso. He whines even louder now.
Hiding him inside my bag. Sneaking him into the mall to buy his stuff.
Bath time! He fits just right in the sink!
Sleepy after his bath time. He smiles when he sleeps.
On the 5th day, his greed came in. We usually bring Chance over to my friend's pet store so he could visit his mother and sister. What caught us surprised was he won't share his dry (pellets) food with his sister and mommy after his sister ( the other puppy ) stole his bone treat. He kept eating and eating till his little tummy was really bloated. Pee-ed on Kevin's pants and made him looked like Kevin pissed on his jeans.

Today's the 6th day, he deliberately poop-ed everywhere and make himself dirty. We're trying to lay him on his other side now. 

That's it for now. I pray that Chance would be able to walk on his paws again soon. He's getting stronger a days passby. :)

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