Friday, February 03, 2012

The NOT so GREAT dinner @ ECOBA

Had dinner with Darren, Eddy and Mabel couple nights back at Ecoba, Damansara Perdana. How was it like? The food didn't taste so fantastic and our pizza taste like pancake. I ordered Blackened Salmon which was just a so-so.
Appetizer : Cream Mushroom
( Don't order this if you have a weak stomach to cream. Lesson learned. )
Pepperoni pizza : Rating out of 10? I'll give it 4/10.
The Blackened Salmon. Spicy. Rate : 5/10
Mabel order another pizza : Chicken Hawaiian.. Or something like that.
Taste better than pepperoni pizza that we ordered.

Food tasted like CRAP. Sorry ECOBA, your chef suck BIG TIME. What's good at Ecoba was just the drinks. The promo hours for BEERS was cheap. $55 for a jug of Carlsberg and $121 for 3 jugs during HAPPY HOUR time? We stayed long that night till it was closed. Random talks and hamster's balls being pulled out..and i picked up smoking tobacco over when Mable rolling and smoking tobacco, the rolling part got me excited like a little girl. So, that's NO more cigarettes for me. :)

I'm rolling my joint as we speak. ;)

 Kevin got me these the very next day at
The Ember Shoppe @ Curve!
and he got me these yummy macaroons from
AfterAte dessert bar. ^^

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