Saturday, January 28, 2012

(Over)dressed for the supermarket

We've all had that moment where we’re dressed to as much fabulousness as our wardrobes will allow, we’re heading to a spectacular party, and we need to pick up a few things up from the supermarket on the way. You know you’re overdressed for the freezer isle, but there’s something oddly liberating about click-clacking around in your high heels. You can pretend you dressed up, set your hair and applied your best lipstick just do your grocery shopping.

Constance Jablonski is having one of those moments for Vogue Mexico. Sarah Gore-Reeves’ styling is all about the season’s prints, but against the mundane setting of grocery store shelves the floral's and animal prints don’t act as much of an urban camouflage. Quite the contrary: it’s the everyday setting that makes a rather dreamy looking, 60s style Constance stand out so much more.

Jean Francois Campos took his camera into the supermarket aisles to photograph the shoot.

Natural Print Model: Constance Jablonski 
Photographer: Jean Francois Campos 
Styled by Sarah Gore-Reeves 
Vogue Mexico, February 2012

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