Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Dark Knight poses: Anna Selezneva

Give me a cinematic reference and I”m yours to keep. 
That being so, this shoot had me at the title: Dark Knight. Granted Anna Selezneva isn't going about saving Gotham City in a bat suit, but there’s the shadowy quality, the all-leather outfits (more of a nod to Catwoman, perhaps), the photography angles that feel just a little disorientating. 

With those elements the Steven Pan photographed shoot comes with just enough drama to validate the title.

Anna Selezneva: Muse Magazine issue 28

Anna Selezneva: Muse Magazine issue 28


Dark Knight
Muse Magazine Issue #28 (Winter 2011)
Model: Anna Selezneva
Photography: Steven Pan
Styling: Tom Van Dorpe

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