Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Carlsberg ( MY ) Where's The Party ! 2

Where's the Party? by Carlsberg (MY).. all thanks to my most fave blogger and fellow friend , Rebecca Saw ( http://www.rebeccasaw.com/ ) for the invites and ofcourse Carlsberg, i was able to attend 1 of the most happening event. Talk about free flow of beers besides Octoberfest.  Wooohooo !


3PM , pick-up point at Stadium Shah Alam. It rained ( okay, it only started to RAIN at 4pm -ish. ).

*bumps into many familiar faces*

4.30PM , sat in the bus. Location : still unknown where we're going . 

Pick-Up point at Shah Alam Stadium.

4.45PM , arrived at Carlsberg Factory. 
( WTF, it says 1 hour journey to location ) .

5PM , press conference. I have not dolled up yet. Rush to the ladies to do simple dolling. 

Don't believe me? I was wearing shades the entire time. Hell, I bet everyone thought it was going to be at Sepang beach again.

Kate and I arriving destination. 

Arrived at Press Conference Room with a cheeky smile.

Couldn't help myself to grab a beer the moment i entered the room. I'm an alcoholic. Bwa hahahaha.

Press conference and their usual bla- bla - bla 's and picture time!

The Artist.
The Female Artist .
Bumps into ;

Fellest !

Got to know Hiloco ! Super nice chick and uber COOL.

The boy with BIG sound and cute fluffy sneakers.

My elementary to high school days buddy !

L'ance. Poor boy got bullied by the Carlsberg's promoters.

My beloved.

Baby and I had our very first Ferris wheel ride together. :)
Carlsberg event was very carnival style this time. Alot of games and free FOOD and BEERS!!

L'ance with his bondage hands tied up.

Nat and Josiah.



thenomadGourmand said...

Cleaner layout..but hard to navigate..
good to see u again hun, but lets REALLY dance next time yea!

Tan Pauline said...

yay !! thanks rebecca. :D

sgrmse. said...

you were at this?! :O i was at this! but i was workin. lol.