Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Moo's and Floral Power

Counting down to my  22+1 birthday. In less than 48 hours.

Remembering my past, the date 2nd November still terrifies me. The LOVE asked me if I'm working on Friday since it's my BIG day. I love it when he takes efforts for the little things he do for me.

It's already 1 year + 1 day ( counting today ) that we're together. Going through really harsh up's and down together. Arguing over my paranoia and insecurities. I'm glad he could take every unexpected fury I threw at time, he's patience and loving enough to be with me.

My cramps are killing me. I swear if i had a cat's 9 life, I already use all of it up. Geez.


I had the most awesome Fro-Yo last night. If you don't know what's Fro-Yo stands for, it means Frozen Yoghurt.
Fi Fi brought me to this Frozen Yoghurt cafe at The Gardens, KL called I Love Moo Cow. I had wheat-grass flavour yoghurt ( I'm never a fan of wheat-grass but somehow it's pretty good! ). 

 Call me weird, I love my chocolate chip . So, screw you.

How much does it cost ? Less than RM10 without toppings for the Original flavour. Special flavour would cost RM10.90 + RM1 for additional toppings. 

Worth every dime and nickel.

You'll forget about Tutti Frutti after having these.

Took an innocent stroll to Aldo after our desserts before dinner , A VERY INNOCENT ( I had no intention to BUY! ) stroll when i saw a stiletto and suprisingly it has my gigantic bigfoot size.

Took another innocent step of trying it on and next thing I know, I bought it. 

Too bad for me, I'm really broke till after buying this shoe and it's only beginning of the month.

I hate my uncontrollable spend-riff self. 

Have to kept on reminding myself it matches my 2 new dress very well so i wont feel the heartache but to think of it, those 2 dress was also the reason I'm major broke too. *head desk*

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