Tuesday, November 01, 2011

IN TIME for Justin, Amanda and Olivia.

First of all, I would like Happy Diwali to all my Hindu friends. It's been a short while since i last blog and I miss blogging my craps. I admit i'm not the best blogger ever.

I think i better shut up now and start writing my rantings. Just yesterday, (HAPPY DIWALI all!) it was public holiday. The darling and I decided to do our usual weekend like outing together except it's Wednesday. He finally has his OFF day after working like a mad cow for the last 2 weeks.

We both had our usual food at Curve, Damansara.  He's happy with his Happy Rice Box and I'm crazy over my Handmade Oyster Mee Shua ( I had such craving for it, i had to order 2 bowls!) from Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack just right above the curve to e@curve bridge.

His Happy Rice Box

Handmade Oyster Mee Shua

Before the nice decent meal we had, we both had a small silly argument picking which movie to watch. He wants Justin Timberlake and I'm like; 'Hell No! I don't like that guy acting esp with his voice, it's so 'kids voice' but in the end, I gave in.  

Other movie seems not so decent.

Chris Evan and Anna Faris? Maybe I'll go for Human Torch next.. 

Through the movie, it was really good. Darling really knows good movies somehow.  It's worth  watching for few more times if you ask me. Besides, Olivia Wilde acts as Justin Timberlake character's mother... (I don't mind calling her MUMMY ! ) . She's super hot and it's sad to see her depart at the beginning of the movie after awhile.

I better shut up before spoiling the movie more. 

Do watch 'In Time' , I'm not a big fan of Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried ( famously known for her role as the dumb blonde in Lilo's Mean Girls ) but both actor does such great job for the movie.

Best rates for the movie entirely? I'll give a 7.2 /10 . 

Welcome to the world where everyone stop aging at the age of 25.

In a retro-future, the aging gene has been switched off. At the age of 25, aging stops, meaning that everyone looks 25 forever and could be immortal. But to prevent overpopulation, each person is genetically engineered so that by default they have just one more year to live after 25. Embedded in their arm is abioluminescent clock displaying how much time they have left. Once the clock reaches zero, they die.

But this does not mean that everyone automatically dies at 26. Time can be transferred into and out of persons, and therefore, it has become the new currency. People earn time by working and spend it to pay for everyday necessities. For example, in the film, a coffee costs four minutes and a day's labor in a factory will earn a worker a little over 24 hours. Time can also be stolen or robbed from another person. Consequently, the poor are constantly trying to earn, steal, beg, or borrow enough time to stay alive for one more day, while the rich can theoretically live forever (unless they are murdered or killed in accidents). Different economic classes are segregated into different "time zones." To preserve the status quo, it costs a whole year just to cross the border into a wealthy time zone.

Trivia: In real life, Justin Timberlake is older than Olivia Wilde, who plays his mother!

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