Thursday, November 10, 2011

Birthday and Candid - Blabbering Post

Throwing in back my old layout. had a little problem not getting use to the new dynamic layouts from Blogspot. i still have a little problem adjusting my 'norm' fonts on the CSS scripts. Sigh.

Had a shoot last weekend after celebrating my birthday with darling at Republic last Thursday night ( yeah, I turned 23 by midnight ). Thanks for making me drunk, love.  I love you to bitter tiny bites.

And much love for Sanjeet buying me drinks when I came to visit him and Michael at Euphoria, M.O.S ( explains the tipsy part walking back to Republic, boo! ). 

I miss the times at M.O.S . Sigh.


Had a shoot with Nick from Candid Photography.

Here's a pic of me and my new boyfriend, Ernie.

I was bored in the dressing room and I found Ernie's such a charmer sitting at his shelf smiling.
Couldn't help but to approach him. Heh.

Here's a sneak of shoot i did with Nick; 
Okay, I was playing with my instagram. My bad.

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BennY Shah said...

your last image with instagram = perfect!