Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bikini Birthday at Luna Bar

So, I missed out on Hennessey Artistry HALO which I don't give a damn much due to their horrible service I experienced on previous H.A events. 

Which was a damn good idea. Sorry people, I ain't desperate like some people I know. (=

Melissa and I - Look at the KL Tower !
I had a belated birthday party held at Luna Bar, KL last Saturday with Derek and his friends. Ashley came and we celebrated her birthday together since her birthday fall on the same day itself. 

Bon bon make it to the party on her own birthday date, just for me. ^^

Derek, Stephanie and I
Stephanie came for the party which Derek hosted and plan since 3 weeks back. Thanks for everything, my son!  (=

From left; Stephanie, Rain, Ashley and I
To make it simple, it was a pool party. With champagne flowing ( not forgetting ordering my Screaming Multiple Orgasm ) and girl's in bikini. Only our table.
Big smile everyone. (=
Felt like a PIMP, Derek?

Birthday pressie from Rain
How would you like being surrounded by chicks in bikini's and you are the only guy. I wonder if that was what going on Derek's little mischievous mind.

My Bon Bon <3

Stephanie and I in our Topshop bikini. (=
At least everyone had fun. I had fun. Getting carried and thrown into the pool was fun...in some sort of way. 

XOXO wifey <3

Pool splash !
Peace out!


Angus Tan said...

ooo.. my gf were saying going to Luna that night, but.. gone case already.. Anyway, happy belated birthday girl.. ;)

Tan Pauline said...

Thanks , Angus ! Well, it is a nice place to chill out with your friends. (=

Place is recommended. (=

Etoro Guro said...

you are the most beautiful girl among your friends