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Where do your milk tooth go? - My Milk Toof

Came across this blog when a friend of mine posted a blog link on her facebook profile. Cutest thing i ever seen ! Do check the blog link out after reading the post i just copied from Milk Toof , kay? 


Sick Lardee

"Wow Lardee, you don't look so good."

"You should have some soup, you'll feel better."

"Lardee, you have to eat something or you won't get better."

"Do you want something to drink?"

"Do you want a toy?"

"I know..."

"Do you want me to read you a story?"

"Okay Lardee, this is a story just for you."

"Once upon a time..." 

MMT_Sick Lardee17_fixed cloud

...In an enchanted, faraway land...

...Lived a little Toof named Sir Lardee.

Every day, Sir Lardee loved nothing better than to walk along, carrying
a favorite stick. 

MMT_Sick Lardee19c_motion2

Sir Lardee would often play a game to see how high the stick
could be thrown (Usually, it wasn't very high). 


One day, while Sir Lardee was playing, the stick landed
on a rock.

"Ouch," said the rock, "Ouch, on my head!"

Sir Lardee immediately apologized for the inconvenience,
especially since it's not often that you come across a talking
rock (And when you do, it's not good to throw sticks at them).

Fortunately the rock accepted the apology, and seemed like an
overall sincere individual. 

" I wonder if you can help me?" asked the rock. 
"There is a secret
treasure hidden deep inside these woods. I would redeem it myself,
but being a rock, it has been very difficult to endeavor that journey.
If you are kind and adventurous, would you be able to retrieve
the treasure? With that fortune, I would finally be able to retire- for
I am an old rock, and have had a very hard life."

Sir Lardee, being a Toof with a very sympathetic heart,
agreed to the task.

"But please be careful,"
 admonished the rock, "Out here in these woods, 
there are many dangerous things for a little Toof like yourself." 

Heeding that advice, the journey began in search for the treasure.

Sir Lardee learned the woods are filled with things
you don't want to touch. 

And the moment you DO touch something...'ll probably wish you didn't. 

(Here lies people who touched things) 

MMT_Sick Lardee30

Sir Lardee bravely pushed onward, leaving a trail of candy crumbs
behind so not to get lost. 

Along the way, the woods began to look really weird. 

MMT_Sick Lardee40

And hostile. 

MMT_Sick Lardee31

And there were times Sir Lardee couldn't even see which way to go.

It was beginning to seem this journey might've been too much for
one little Toof. 

MMT_Sick Lardee32c

Fortunately, a mysterious clearing presented itself-
Sir Lardee knew the treasure had to be near.
MMT_Sick Lardee33b

Below a giant tree sat the wise and bearded, Wizard ickle.

Wizard ickle spoke: "If you are to claim the treasure,
you must first pass one test." 

MMT_Sick Lardee34

"Way above this tree grows the only apple in the woods. Attain it,
and the treasure is yours. And if at all possible, please hurry- for
I am super hungry."

Sir Lardee did not hesitate, and knew exactly what to do... 

MMT_Sick Lardee35_motion

With the favorite stick so often played with, Sir Lardee took
one big throw... 
MMT_Sick Lardee36

...And knocked the apple down (it was the highest throw, ever). 

MMT_Sick Lardee37

"You have definitely earned this treasure," 
praised Wizard ickle,
"Go now, and spend this fortune on whatever you please!"

MMT_Sick Lardee38

And so, Sir Lardee began the journey back (And the Wizard ickle
ceased to be hungry for the next three hours). 

MMT_Sick Lardee39_final2

Sir Lardee generously gave all the treasure to the rock.

And the rock was very grateful.
MMT_Sick Lardee29b

With that fortune, the rock was finally able to retire. 

MMT_Sick Lardee41_motion

Happily, all was well in the enchanted, faraway land.

"And can you guess what Sir Lardee did next?"


"Ate some delicious soup!" 

MMT_Sick Lardee45b

"Heh-heh, works every time."


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