Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ready for Peter Says Denim : Invasion Tour ?


Starting at the end of 2005, Peter Firmansyah, with his friends, made a band called petersaysorry with a concept of music mixed with fashion. 

Peter Firmansyah
After that, he started his career making jeans designed and used by himself. There then became a lot of interest from people in making jeans from Peter, including a local clothing company, and from the other countries, so he subsisted making the jeans for other people’s brands.

Petersaysdenim is a denim brand that started out in 2005 as a project by Peter Firmansyah who at that time didn't know that his brand will go across the world - United States, Canada, Indonesia, Singapore and now Malaysia. 

This brand focuses on producing premium quality denim products mainly jeans, as well as T-shirts and accessories (wallets, passport holder, key chains, bracelets, bags, etc...).

Coming out from shopping city Bandung, Indonesia, the brand is inspired by music and of course fashion. It's rarely separated from either one of its counterparts.

PSD has gained a lot of faithful customers all over the world and is now making its mark here in Malaysia. 

Kicking it off with a tour, with original PSD band, 'Rocket Rockers' headlining tour which will hit Singapore, Philippines and the rest of South East Asia beginning with Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

This tour will not only feature the headliners but 7 local PSD Malaysia bands (An Honest Mistake, Tres Empre, I Revival, Massacre Conspiracy, Incarnation, Cassandra and DJ Nas-T) and 2 invited guests (The Padangs and Dead Eyes Glow).

The Malaysian leg will be held at Blackbox @ MAPS KL on 30th of October 2011 at 3pm

The best part of this show is that it is COMPLETELY FREE

This is in support of the local music scene as well as to promote the brand here. A booth will be set up for customers to purchase the new Fall/Winter 2011 line of products. Peter himself will be present so it would be a good time to meet with the man behind it all.

Many thanks to the sponsors for this concert, 'The Guitar Store' for back-line (drums, ENGL and Smarvo amps), 'The Wasch' the official online store that carries PSD, 'Hai' an Indonesian online magazine, 'Lucky Peter Tattoo' and 'PSD Records'.

Be prepared for PSD concert! 

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