Monday, October 17, 2011

Meow. Purr. Hiss : A sex kitten, Anja Konstantinova

If you were to take the term ‘sex kitten’, make it literal, and apply it with a modern twist, you might end up with this: Anja Konstantinova in Tangent Magazine.
This is the kind of shoot where every component, every element, comes together to create a smashing finished product. The colouring is sultry, the lighting moody. The styling by Heather Cairns is less about inspiring practical wardrobe choices (though there’s a definite inkling of ’70s fashion) and more about evoking a feeling of sensual glamour. And you can’t help but think there’s a purposeful choice to the crumbling backdrops of paint-stripped walls and curious antiquated objects: against a broken piano or wunderkammer of taxidermic animals Anja’s feline beauty seems even more alive.
anja konstantinova tangent
While pocket-sized in comparison to most models (she stands at about 5’4″) this is the kind of work Anja excels at and photographer Emmanuel Giraud plays to all her strengths in this shoot.

Photography & Direction. Emmanuel Giraud
Filming & Editing. Michael Tyson
Fashion. Heather Cairns
Make-up. Andrea Black @ Reload Agency
Hair. Michele McQuillan @ Viviens Creative
Photography Assistant. Steven Ahrens
Fashion Assistant. Chiara Bianchino, Krystina Costa

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