Monday, September 05, 2011

depression / suffering on low self esteem - part 1.

I could have not ever GUESS i would be blogging about this;
Let me tell you my biggest fear at the moment. My outbreaks a.k.a THE ACNE.

I've been suffering from it for the 2 years ever since I moved to Subang. 
As you may know,everyone suffered minor pimple during their teens, some were lucky enough to have flawless skin like my darling > *pinch* I'm having pure enviousness over his good skin. He doesn't even need to use facial product!.  I do suffer from minor pimples before but it went ka-poof! when i was 17 and now; i having that feeling like I'm invaded so badly.

Maybe during my studies time in college kicked it off but I could guess it was more of the environment i was living in. I wouldn't care less about it because I had the belief of beauty is in within during those days . Yea, silly me. I could have taken good care of it when it first sprung. 

Back to the story, I'm suffering low-self esteem now.. under shit loads of depression. Some says it's because of the hormones and the family gene pass-down acne-period time. 

Lucky for my brother; he has my mother's good skin. I'm having shitty daddy-ol' acne shit.

Been splurging on expensive skin care and what's bad; it's getting worse. I'm seeking for Skin Specialist if my skin problem is persisting which it seems like it's getting more agitated to me. I'm actually considering Acutane pills now. Anyone could recommend good specialist/doctor?

I'm not gonna waste another huge portion of my pay for some skin care that does me no good.

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