Thursday, August 18, 2011

Z Zegna Enough for You? - Shows Men the way

In a recently penned autumn / fall 2011 fashion trend guide for men I detailed the adaption of relaxed tailoring and loose fitting clothes into the mainstream wardrobes of the fashion forwards. While the modern men’s suit remains all about a smart, masculine, slim cut, the inverse is becoming true of informal-wear: from casual trousers to sports jackets, the evolution of the men’s silhouette is becoming relaxed.
For an exploration of the relaxed and tailored as youthful, one needs look no further than Z Zegna’s autumn / winter 2011 campaign.

Worked through everything from overcoats to trousers, Z Zegna join a growing list of fashion houses exploring the style, a list that also includes the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry Prorsum. Where others have been overt in adapting a relaxed fit, Z Zegna have instead opted for subtlety: trousers break gently, suit jackets tend towards 3 buttons with a looser-than-fashionable waist, and pleats prove their comeback.

Z Zegna Autumn(Fall) 2011 Ad Campaign 
Model: James Smith

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