Monday, July 04, 2011

Tate @ The Intermark

Some days, Batman just wants to be Bruce. Not Bruce Wayne, just Bruce.
He wants to lounge about with his other hero friends, all of them in stealth mode. 
They stand at the bar and recount their adventures; play pool and puff on cigars. They are at ease, undisturbed by fainting damsels in distress.
They drink Hendrick's on the rocks, with a dash of tonic and a twist of lemon, reminiscing about criminals of the good ol' days and ruminating about today's entirely different breed…they wonder if as heroes, their jobs are ever done. 
The good thing is, hero or not, they know that there's always a place where they can be just Bruce. 
Or Clark.
Or Hal.   
Pretty catchy for a bar introduction, isn't it? 
Introducing Tate , KL's first bar modeled after a speakeasy with a feel of a gentlemen club with it's exclusive and reclusive spot.
Open to public society, Tate is located at The Intermark, Jalan Tun Razak lobby floor. 
Apparently it's not easily spotted, finding it would be a real bitch for first-timers. So, just look out for a white door and a shining top hat , right in the middle sofa lounge.
Or help yourself asking the hotel staff's for direction.
Inspired by the Roaring 20s, Tate revisits the exclusive speakeasies of the Prohibition period when alcohol was illegal and private bars were the only means for prominent patrons to enjoy premium drinks.

Embodying the old school ‘members-only’ bar philosophy of privacy and discretion, Tate is elegantly designed, appointed with solid wood, leather and crystal cut glass, lending it a persona that is intimate and understated.

Opening hours:
5pm- till late daily

Ground Floor, The Intermark, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2161-2367

knight in shining armor, anyone?

cozy welcomes you
A fan of silent movies from the 1920's? Right place to be at then.
Let Charlie Chaplin entertain you while you're heavenly whisking  away and smoking cigars.

leather table and seats for your very own exclusive gentlemen club like feeling.

Best cigar are just few steps away for your very own choices.

would you like to sip on this $600 vodka?

monkey in suit greets you by the bar.

Cohiba cigar , anyone?
Leather seats for every customer comfort

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