Monday, July 04, 2011

pools and ♥

Had a amazing time swimming with him with Harry at Riana Green Condo yesterday. 

If you could take splashing water as swimming, i have this fear of deep ends a.k.a  Aquaphobia. 

Not the best thing ever to happen to someone who loves beach but afraid to swim deeper ends. 

Just a week back, I had another swimming outing with blogger kaki , a.k.a Lai Wee Kiat. 

Yeah, here's his vain moment posing for me. 
Such a vain pot.

Sorry for the bad camera quality, camera phone shot. 

Thanks for making me breaking rules too. I'm still traumatized.

Back to Riana swimming pool. Mr.Tan decided to give me swimming lesson. 

my epic fail pool somersault showing my big ass.

 I'm very pool-accident prone every time i'm at any swimming pool. 
This damsel busted her own toe and leg and he accidentally kicked her right waist.  

i cant believe he even a picture of me in PAIN holding my leg. 
I wonder what was he thinking when he took this....

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