Tuesday, July 19, 2011

monday outs

I should really start blogging things that isn't so backdated ; thanks to my pure laziness. its impossible for me to keep updating stuff within a week, even worse - a day. 

Went for an interview yesterday at Seksyen 19 ( nearby to Jaya One at Seksyen 17 ). Stefen accompanied me the whole afternoon after our lunch and i nailed the job. Was wandering around Blackberry for almost 2 hours ( 1 hour interview and another hour servicing my BB ) when i decided to update my BB software to OS6. Bad idea to do so. I'm clueless looking at it now . FML.

Oh, I'll be working for Blackberry starting August! <3

After my interview, Stefen and i went for a movie at Tropicana Mall. Watched X-Men : First Class for the second time and i don't think i can ever get bored of the movie if i were to watch it over again and again. :)

outfit for the day; Top : $30 , Skirt : $49 , Shoe :$369 ( not seen in picture ) , Bag : $2,500 (current price of LV Neverfull Monogram Canvas on LV M'sia ).had a bad hair day.

Had dinner at Ninja Joe , my first time munching at the place ! The cute mascot really caught my attention and the price was reasonable enough...and its PORK ( my Muslim friends, this place is NON-HALAL as much as it has awesome potato stuffed with pork with the shape of a shuriken ).

shuriken shaped potato! :D

my dinner. :)

Ninja's RECYCLE ~ gosh, i'm loving Ninja Joe already. <3

Guess what happened to GSC's Chicken Meatball? For every movie avid's watching at GSC, never miss out the Chicken Meatballs. Its a must when you're watching movie at GSC cinemas. :)

new packaging ~ do count your meatballs. :)

After the movies, we head over to Tate at The Intermark where my beloved work. 

Darling made me Tate's signature cocktails ; The Mata Hari and Stefen had Brandy Alexander 2.0

The Mata Hari with 3 rose buds.

Brandy Alexander 2.0 

tempting enough?

Enjoyed a few rounds of playing table pool and watching Charlie Chaplin movie before we went home.

bak kut teh at Tiong Nam Bak Kut Teh, Jalan Chow Kit

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