Tuesday, July 19, 2011

8 days : Friday 2 Friday

Backtracked to last week journey; was doing an event job for Carlsberg's Liverpool Asia Tour .
Whole week was torturing and my mother came down to visit my brother and i from Kuching..which i totally forgotten she was coming down Mid July. 

What a daughter i am. 

My butt was smacked by some uncle, mistaken as a PR girl while working ( do i look like a fucking waitress /PR to you?! ) , elbow-ed by a drunk asshole who wants to pick a fight with me later on after i told him off. Lastly, flying ball kick scoring right on my side waist till i puked in the loo for few times. There goes my lunch.

Work hazard.

Candid picture of Daniel Agger and I.
Memories <3

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