Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Zara - to shop 'really wisely' .

Making my way to ZARA the other day and the usual thing that every chicks do would be checking out the shoes. Umm... or maybe it's just me. 

Its shoes. I squealed in excitement, darling was nice enough taking my major crap by tagging along with me searching the whole store looking for every shoes her eyes sat on. 

Tried on this sexy she-devil. She' a lovely knotted peep-toe. 

After trying her ( she wasn't the one i was hunting for.. ) , her price was at the 'affordable' range.  I swore i almost gave darling the 'PLEASE?' look. 
Telling and coating myself, i don't need her was really difficult. 
I'm on a mission to look for court shoe which seems to be so hard to find when you just need them and she wasn't there. 

Not long after, my eyes glued to a lovely jeweled slingback which was just eye-catching for me.... I was staring...thinking how many weeks i would need to starve for this... but Zara store was closing by the time i wanted to try this turquoise freak.  

Waving good bye to shoes on my way out, it was tempting to get them.

Maybe it was my lucky day i guess. What will happened if i actually bought them? I'll most likely regret buying unnecessary shoes... AGAIN.

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