Saturday, June 11, 2011

Movie Set at Lang Tengah

Was on set end of May for a Hong Kong movie with Alane at Lang Tengah. Joining the movie set was Dian Sharlin but i was unable to snap pictures of her because my camera ran outta battery on the day she arrived or else we all would start cam-whoring the whole way. I should have brought the charger. What a waste. D: *head desk*


Had a bad sun burn on my back. I feel like a snake shedding seeing my skin peeling off slowly. FML. 

I cant reveal the name of the movie as we signed paper contract but I could give a hint who's the main actress. She's a Taiwanese-Jap blood actress who's name is very known in Hong Kong at the moment. 

We had a swim together with her after set and what a bitch the production crew was complaining as they did not want her to speak to anyone of us ( the extra casts ) . I do felt she was lonely, she didn't hesitate to join us for a swim when we invited her.

They were super strict on whoever who took pictures around the production area. Ridiculous isn't it? Even hotel guest were shoo-ed away. 

On our way to the island! Enduring almost 10 hours trip!
6 hours on the bus , waiting at the jetty for 3 hours and 1 hour boat ride.

4 - star resort - Sari Pacifica Resort 

My first day arrived at the resort and i found this fellow sleeping soundly~
Malaysian comedian Alvin Wong.

Sneakily took this shoot. 

Early in the morning waiting for sets

We, extra cast for the movie~

My wife on her BBM. Darling!
We're supposed to be sun-bathing on our first day!
Movie set for us was on the 2nd day.

The whole 3 days experience was fantastic. a day relaxing and 2 days work. Going home extra tan. ;)

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